Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Scrambled Brains

I'm feeling a little fried right now. Usually everything about my life is easy and predictable. But right now there are so many variables that I'm not functioning very well. Work for one is unpleasant: every day I feel like crying (or screaming) at the work load waiting for me when I walk in the door. There are unpacked boxes of office supplies sitting in the lobby. The payroll updates aren't out of the mailing envelope. Property tax forms, census forms (God - where the hell did they come from and for both companies too with dire warnings about not filling them out), contractor's license renewal forms, insurance forms for my daughter. I had to deal with about 4 f---ups of other people last week which cost a good three days to straighten out. In fact, I'm not sure they're all straightened out.

In the past two days I have filled the Sunday calendar with performers through September. I received a lengthy email from one of my fellow church board members asking for input on an important congregational meeting. I haven't had time to read the email.

We have to move the boat because the slip has been sold. This entails finding a place to move it - no wait deciding WHERE to move it - then cleaning out the dock box at the old slip and taking the good part of a day to the destination. Rental car to the boat, bum a ride back to Raleigh from destination-arrange all of that.

Our renter has moved out and a new one due in at the end of the month. This requires painting and new carpet, a few little fix-its, but I'm having to leave it to my husband to take care of that. It is not easy at all to leave things to him. I have had quite a few phone conversations with the new tenant who has tried my patience by trying to squeeze money out of me every way he can.

A lot of my frustration comes from having to wait on other people to decide, schedule, look over, check with other people, etc.

A wonderful thing that happened: I had lunch with my writing group today and it was really therapy time! We always fit a little gladness and a little sadness in just the needed doses for me. The right words at the right time for all of us, I'm hoping, but for me for sure. And presents for Christmas and my birthday.

I got a lot done today too, but of course now I have to wait for Durham to do his part to do any more. Tomorrow I'm going to sit at the hospital while my sister-in-law has some surgery. I'm going to look over that email, and read a little while I'm there. That'll be good.

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MitMoi said...

*Sends hugs and patience*

(if I could add or subtract, I'd offer to help)

Looking forward to seeing you on 1/15!