Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back to Wrightsville Beach

We left around 1:00 from Oriental to go back to Wrightsville Beach for a while. We need to have some work done on the boat. I hated leaving. Oriental is like our towns of the fifties: dogs lie in the streets, bikes and people come first before cars, it's quiet and peaceful at night, everyone knows everyone. I'm really going to miss my dentist friend and her husband.

It was a beautiful day for the trip, and once we got out of the river and to the waterway, the water looked like the Caribbean.

We passed this osprey family.

A new twist on taking the dog on a ride.

Do these people realize that they are say "No 'no wake'"? We slowed down anyway.

We got to Wrightsville around 7:30. A long day, and the boat needed some cleaning. I slipped inside under the guise of "putting things in order"!!

There are some good things about being back. Friends and family we haven't seen in a while. Access to stores and restaurants. A two-hour drive. Floating docks. But it's busy and noisy here. A whole different atmosphere. I miss the quiet already.


MitMoi said...

Seriously - you have to invite me to come cook for you guys.

And I'll listen to you talk about writing and the blogs you read ALL DAY LONG! :)

G Liz said...

I LOOOOOOOVE the photos in this blog. What a WONDERFUL entry about a fantastic (non-commercial) place on our coast.

Thank you for sharing these with us!

mamie said...

You girls are big fans-thanks for the great comments. And Mit, if you like cooking on a cooktop that goes out every five seconds and using a toaster oven, you're the one for us!! Cooking on the boat isn't what it looks like! So, um, that's why we're excited about being near restaurants, get it???!!

billie said...

Mamie, have you ever checked out Patricia Wood's blog - author of the novel Lottery?

This makes me think of her - she and her husband and cats live on a houseboat in Hawaii!

I love the osprey family, and the water looks gorgeous. Enjoy Wrightsville!

mamie said...

Billie, I could so live on a boat in Hawaii! The only problem would be my books--my husband is always finding them stashed here and there and telling me that I'm going to sink the boat!! We need to get some weight off and I'm sure the books will go before the fourteen-eleven tool boxes!! I'll check out the blog.