Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding Anniversary

I got married twenty-nine years ago today. Here are some facts about that day:

1. It was a combination of cheap and extravagant. My youngest sister played the piano (Fur Elise ad nauseum); two sisters wore dresses that they had worn for prom and the other one wore an old bridesmaid's dress of mine. Because my grandmother was a tee-totaller and I was chicken, we had two receptions. The first was directly after the wedding; the second was that night and was a massive blowout with a reggae band and open bar that set my dad back a pretty penny.

2. Much to my mother's chagrin, I refused to wear any kind of hairpiece. In fact, I was so frazzled that I took the curlers out of my hair and never combed it. Not even for the pictures.

3. We had been to the Bahamas the month before the wedding, so went back to work the Monday after it.

4. One of my sisters lost her contact in the punchbowl.

5. I think my sibs were all waiting for us to get married (we had lived together for seven years). The next two were married within six months.

6. My husband's family, from a small town where weddings are big social events, was a little embarrassed by the whole ordeal. There was no rehearsal dinner.

7. When we decided to get married, I insisted that we pick 7/7 or 7/14. My husband picked 7/14 because it was farther away. I love having Bastille Day as my anniversary, though.

Seven things about my wedding. A good number. Twenty-nine years of marriage. Another good number.

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