Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm back

This weekend, my husband and I went to Spring House Farm for a belated anniversary trip. The cabin was secluded, and there was no cable, internet, or cell phone service.

There was a hot tub, though, and a pond with a john boat for fishing.

Saturday morning it was raining, but we didn't care. Two expert massage therapists came and set up on the covered portion of the deck. We listened to the rain on the tin roof while they worked to make us more relaxed than we already were!

There were lots of critters to watch: hummingbirds galore and moths and dragonflies.

There were mosquitoes and chiggers too, but I knew where to go to get away from them.

I have said before that I often associate books I read with the places I read them. I read two excellent ones while here: Mr. Pip by Lloyd Jones and Cost by Roxanna Robinson.

Yes, I know the video is black, but I wanted you to hear what we heard at night.

I would highly recommend this place if you're looking to reconnect with someone or just be alone to read and write and meditate. I admit that by yesterday I was a little crazy, but we hopped in the car and went to Black Mountain for some shopping and pizza.

I also got to visit with my daughter in Asheville and with my dad and brother in Greensboro.

A perfect combination of quiet and visiting, talking, reading and listening to music.

Ahhh. Bring on the week.

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billie said...

Mamie - it looks and sounds like a beautiful getaway. Glad you enjoyed it.