Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Define this

Sometimes when you enter a site's word verifications, you get a real word. Sometimes you get some letters that go together to sound like a word. Today, I introduce to you my new game: Define the Verification Word.

Today's word is from a word verification I typed in order to comment on my friend Jessica's blog: BUNFO

I define it as "euphoric" - "I get all bunfo when I hear good gospel music."

Jessica defines it as "a hair extension that when it is attached to the back of your head looks like you have put your hair in a bun (a.k.a. faux bun)" - "Her bunfo was just the right touch, enhancing the elegance of her debutante attire."

Anyone else care to tackle this word?


mamie said...

BUNFO: A nicer way of saying where in Egypt some things are: "He lived way out in bunfo Egypt."

The Purple Panda said...

Bunfo: a textual, tactile description usually in reference to a baked good but metaphorically used in other descriptions.
Example: "She had a bunfo personality -- that is, unless she was burned by someone she loved."

G Liz said...

Bunfo: The type of folks I see (including myself) at the Waffle House!

mamie said...

Y'all are great!

Peggy Payne said...

When I first signed on to go online for the first time, Compuserve assigned me the password Prunebureau.

I'm still aggrieved.

About bunfo: a bear cub? a mortgage lending program? a sofa-sized waterbed.

G Liz said...


Sounds to me like another name for the 'prep kit' for a colonoscopy!


mamie said...

BUNFO: Purpose in life. Slang for "born for" - His bunfo was to be a great politician.

Peggy Payne said...

I think G Liz has provided us with a wonderful definition. A bunfo is the prep kit for a colonoscopy

mamie said...

This sure was fun! Thank you all for putting your two cents in. If you run across any more good ones, send them to me and we'll do it again.