Saturday, August 23, 2008


Where I wish I were right now:

Alas, I am still at the hospital. I'm beginning to think the doctor decided to keep my dad "through the weekend" so he wouldn't be bothered with the necessities of a discharge.

But I found something to do with the five hours of sheer boredom which have followed my mad rush to the shopping center (as soon as my brother walks through the door of the hospital room) to spend money as a way of fighting the sheer boredom of the hospital: I labelled all my posts. Since I'm too tired to figure out how to show the list on the layout, I will list the top self-imposed labels.

1. Things that make you go hmmm
2. Family matters
3. Me Me Me
4. Through my camera lens
5. writing (yep, when I set that label up I used a small "w")
6. Spirituality

Some commentary about the list:

1. I'm glad that most of them are things I would like for people to think about.
2. It seems natural that I would write about my family and me so I'm not going to worry that I'm narcissistic.
3. Nos. 4, 5, and 6 are the things I'm most interested in, so I'm glad I'm addressing them when I post.

The image of me flying out the door when my brother comes reminds me of one night when my children were all very little. The babysitter was there, and in my rush to get the hell out of Dodge I neglected to notice that she had parked behind me in the driveway. I backed right into her going backwards at about 20 mph (or that's how fast it felt!)

Drivel...that's all I can come up with tonight. But I'm writing, yes?

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