Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic National Convention

Last night I listened to the convention on NPR. My dad (a life-long Republican) watched it on television and today in the hospital said how pitiful it was. I assumed it was more of his Barack Barrage, part of his ongoing disdain for my Democratic voting record.

Tonight I am seeing it on television. So far, it is like a very poorly produced high school assembly. A few minutes ago, the announcer tried twice to say "commemorative" and finally gave up.

Come on.

Hillary better rise to the occasion. I hate it when my dad is right.


G Liz said...

You ain't joking! I wish she'd hurry on up!!!

Joseph Gallo said...

In the face of finding myself having to politically accept the unacceptable, I must constantly remind myself that nothing has permanence.

I just went through a troubling rift with one of my best-loved sisters who plans on placing her mind-numbing little voting "X" for the guy who just picked a running mate for VP whom the overwhelming majority men within her own party would rather she simply remained quietly at home looking after her brood, baking and cleaning, legally unable to render decisions with regards of her own bodily procreative processes and functions, which, mindnumbingly in itself, the VP candidate completely agrees with!

I love my sister anyway (as you love your father) and we excuse these lapses of reason, this seeming inability to curry the common sense required to join in halting the sheer madness of the past 8 years and chalk it up to a deep-seated fear of everything (which is no way to live) and/or a mindset set in stubborn concrete, at least I do.

So give him an extra hug and keep posting your terrific photos, my dear, and thanks for your creative support and the link to my blogsite. :-)

Buster Lewis said...

Actually Dad is a life-long Democrat...at least that is how he is registered. I'm sure he has voted Republican most of the time.