Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun and games at the hospital

My dad had to have some additional surgery tonight. He had eaten sparingly yesterday and was feeling low, then this morning at 7 the doctor informed him that he could have nothing to eat or drink to prep for a late afternoon surgery. These videos were taken moments before they wheeled him out.




trisha said...

Red socks, red shoes. You are your father's daughter, for sure.

Love you, thinking of you, praying for you.

mamie said...

Thanks, Trisha. It's been a week of it for sure. Seems like plumbing problems-human and otherwise-are dominating right now. Wonder which planet influences that??

trisha said...

Must be the red planet.

Speaking of plumbing of all sorts,it took a while figure out how to turn the water on down here--new water meter. Back home, holes are being cut in the walls, ceilings and floors. But that's just a house, not a person.

PS--and wet stuff is falling from the sky here again.

Peggy Payne said...

I'm sorry your dad's sick, Mamie. And you're both so spunky. I hope the surgery went well.

mamie said...

Thanks, Peggy. I'm glad to be home, in class with Angela, and going to see my writing coach tomorrow!

G Liz said...

He said 'haint!' YES!!!! HE ROCKS!!!!!!!