Thursday, August 14, 2008


The Written Inc photographic theme this week is "Poignant" and I'm using the definition "affecting or moving the emotions." I think we usually see poignancy as something sad, but these photos get to some tenderness inside of me.


Liza said...

i still love, love, love that picture of the man at the veterans' day parade and remember that trip as a big turning point in my life--the first time i considered moving to new york (an idea that i quickly dismissed, oddly enough...).

Mojo said...

For "pure" poignancy (sp?) I'd have to cast my lot with the second shot, though the first brings a "wry smile" I sometimes associate with that feeling as well. Nice collection!

mamie said...

Liza, that day at the Veteran's Day parade was full of poignancy. I looked through my shots of the people in the parade trying to find the theme, and I did - the man carrying the painting of himself as a young soldier in Viet Nam, the man in street clothes marching with a group in uniform as proudly as though he had on the same as they did. But the man with the long gray hair said it stronger than any of them.

Mojo, it's interesting that the war theme has appeared in three of the photos this week. I wish I had a photograph of my dauthers at the Names Quilt in DC the weekend they found their uncle's squares. That was poignant.

smarmoofus said...

I used the same definition for poignant, and I completely understand your choices. Thanks for sharing!