Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Since posting photographs for last week's theme of poignancy, and visiting other people's blogs to see their interpretations, I realize that poignancy is very subjective.

My photographs were chosen because they touched me emotionally, but each had a story around them that only I (or the subject) knew. What makes up a picture that has universal emotional appeal? Or is there such a thing? Even Mojo's photograph of the married couple kissing could have negative connotations for a person who has just gotten out of a bad marriage or hates displays of emotion. And my photograph of the African woman might not be anything without my story of her coming to America and trying to make a living, her joy at having me photograph her, her disappointment in some of the people she trusted when she arrived in this country.

I use the word "poignant" quite often in conversation and writing, and have in mind something with positive connations that goes deep and tugs at our (for lack of a better word) heartstrings. How would you define it?

(Mojo, hope you don't mind my mentioning your blog two days in a row....)

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