Monday, October 20, 2008

More books

Since I can't think of anything to post (I'm out of my mind with busy-ness), I'll just share some more of ABC Baby's books:

This little weekly planner is built to last with archival materials and a sturdy flat-back binding. It can be used for any year, beginning whenever you want. Fill in the months and dates yourself. Hand drawn weekly pages! Also includes several blank pages at the end. Slate gray book cloth and linen thread, Rives BFK endpapers, and beautiful, unique cloth on the cover. Dimensions approximately 4" by 5.25".

This hand bound book features gray book cloth and original, custom cover design. Filled with gridded paper. Colorful and unique, with a sturdy binding and endless possibilities! Approx. dimensions 11x5 inches

Dear Santa, I want one of each, please!


The Purple Panda said...

Don't you just love books? Don't you just love holding them in your hand, seeing them lined on a shelf, or stacked on a table? Don't you love pictures of books?

I do!

mamie said...

Yes, I do love books, Panda. I have books in every room of my house. I hope, should things get really dicey in the world, that books will be a form of currency and therefore I will be rich!

Anonymous said...

Our home is FULL of books in every room. Most of them are the hubby's books. I don't sit down to read too often, mainly because my chicken chasing mind won't allow me to calm down long enough to enjoy it. I have very active brainwaves that never stop and/or shut up.



mamie said...

Allie - you sound like a fun person to be around. And surrounding yourself with books is good feng shui!!