Monday, October 6, 2008

Restful weekend

One of my sisters has suggested that my life of commitment and busy-ness is as much an addiction as drinking and smoking. Maybe I protested too much when I argued that I love to be with people, thinking and learning, going to hear good music and to church, being active.

This weekend I decided to hide the to-do lists and take it easy. I did have a few things I wanted to accomplish. I had two books I was reading that for various reasons I needed to finish, the Books for Kids used book sale was going on at Quail Ridge Books, my husband's gospel band was playing at church last night. But for the most part, I had quite a bit of free time on my hands.

I have to admit: there were two or three moments when I felt lost. When I felt like I should be doing something useful.

I don't think I'm addicted to activity, but I still enjoy having many things to do. My writing, my card-making, reading, watching movies, meditating--they don't feel like work at all. They are busy-ness that feels like relaxing. To have put aside all the church work and housecleaning and grocery shopping felt good because it opened up room for the activities I like.

I feel successful in my attempt to relax because I combined accomplishment with selfish endeavor. I could get addicted to that!


Carmi said...

Some days, it's nice to just power down and let the brain and the body take a rest. I'm like you: I have a hard time actually doing that. I'm most comfortable when my day is scheduled in 15-minute blocks and I'm ticking off the To Do list as quickly as I'm adding to it.

Someday, I'll achieve balance :)

mamie said...

Carmi, It's interesting that I didn't put my job into any of the lists of this posts.

Sometimes I write, "Watch a movie" or "Take a nap" on my to-do list. That way I get to check it off AND relax.

Peggy Payne said...

Mamie, no need to finish it!! Seriously!