Friday, October 24, 2008

Thematic Photography: Happy

This first photo is of an African woman who asked me to photograph her for her website. She was one of the most photogenic (and happy) people I have ever met.

This is my daughter on the bow of our boat:

And this is one of approximately 25 photographs I took of my daughters one year in an attempt to get just one good one for our Christmas card:


Mimi said...

That is too funny how we live so far away from each other yet our pictures could have been taken at the same place! :D

Anonymous said...

Mamie...very lovely photos, yet again!!

Okay so considering the fact that your postings make your blog readers happy, don't you think it would make sense that there be a picture somewhere within the "Happy" theme of YOU???


billie said...

Love all the happy photos, Mamie - esp. the ones of your girls. For some reason, your family photos always get me. I think you capture an essence that just pulls me in!

mamie said...

Unfortunately, photos of me don't make me very happy, Allie!! Plus when you're behind the camera, well, you're behind the camera, ya know?

Billie, notice the wine glasses in the photo of the three girls. I know this helped the hilarity of the moment!!

kenju said...

I love the top two, and the photos of your girls show them to be cute.

Carmi said...

You are uniquely capable of capturing the spirit of people in your photos. Each one of these has a glow, a spark that leaps off the two-dimensional surface and pulls the viewer in.

I feel recharged just for having seen them.

Gina said...

Your pictures made me smile so much when I saw them!!! Especially the first photo!

I miss you, and I hope your writing group is going well.

Love ya!

ciara said...

well she looks like she's constantly happy :) great photos. i'm up at her royalness blog.