Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Didn't I just get there fast?

Today on my way to work I stopped at a stop light, leaving room where the sign said "Do Not Block Intersection" and practicing Car Zen. Right before the light turned green, a car pulled in front of me, jerking me out of my reverie and blocking the intersection. I honked my horn at him and gave him disgusted looks. I'm sure he couldn't see me; it was raining.

One block later, we're both stopped at a red light. He's right in front of me. "Didn't you just get there fast??" I ask out loud. He can't hear me. Our windows are up because it's raining. Stupid driver. I honk just for meanness.

As soon as possible, I speed by His Idiocy. He honks his horn at me. I have decided just what kind of person he is from reading his bumper stickers ("Stop Hunger Now" and "Support Our Troops") and he's a moron. A compassionate moron, but a moron nonetheless.

I speed past him, smiling smugly to myself as he fades into the mist in my rear-view mirror. Guess who ends up right behind me at the next red light? Yep, Mr. Tortoise to my Hare. Now didn't I just get there fast? I honk my horn which is lost on the idiot behind me, but annoys the hell out of the car in front of me.

Zen car. Pass it on.


The Purple Panda said...

Love it! You told it perfectly. Love the photo, too.

Happy New Year!

trisha said...

Car Zen, huh. All I have to say is it's a good thing I don't own a gun and carry it in my car.

mamie said...

Thanks, Panda!

Trisha, you and me both. Breathe, breathe, breathe...and don't look up til the person behind you honks....

trisha said...

What I said about a gun, ugly but true.