Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A great day

Yesterday was one of the finest days I can remember. We woke up to three inches of snow, and it continued to fall for several more hours.

My husband has a four-wheel drive vehicle and was all ready to haul us into work when I decided I wasn't going to go. Nope, I can work any day, but we haven't had a decent snow since 1999 and it was inauguration day for Barack Obama.

Birds were swarming the deck, and when we put out bird seed, I saw many birds I hadn't see around before. Even the regular types had on their winter outfits.

We took a walk once the snow stopped and I loved how color jumped out from the snowy branches.

Toward the end of the day, the sun was shining eerily through the trees.

The snow and Obama as our new president. I'll remember this day full of hope forever.


Mojo said...

Actually, aren't you thinking about the Blizzard of 2000? The 22 inch snowfest that crippled the city for a week?

Funny... the last frozen stuff we got that amounted to anything was that ice storm the day before The Second Coronation of Bush The Younger. You know, the one that had the school buses turning back and the students spending the night at their schools? An ugly storm for an ugly presidency.

Not this one though. We had plenty of warning, and it was snow, not ice!

mamie said...

Mojo, You're right - 2000. I just knew it has been a long time since we had real snow. And that ice fiasco? What a kooky event that was! Thanks for reminding me of all our strange winter weather.

It was nice yesterday, wasn't it?

Tarleton said...

LOVE that last photo. SNOWBAMA!!!!!!!!

Elisa said...

Mamie, you have such a gift for photography. Makes my own snow pictures look downright childish!

It was nice, even for this northeasterner, to see snow for the first time in NC since I've been living here. There was even a moment, when I went to clean off my car, where I felt as if all three of my homes (NY, MA, and NC) had converged into one.

word verification: medeffet. The next branch of medicare had Bush served one more term, in which patients would have to sign an affadavit that they were really sick, then pay a 20-dollar-co-pay for the affadavit.