Monday, January 19, 2009


I first became interested in taking photographs a few years ago. My middle daughter and I went to San Diego, and our hotel looked out over the harbor. Every night the sun would set over the water and the scenery would turn either silver or gold for about thirty minutes. I took photo after photo, day after day until I thought my daughter would throttle me. Since then I have been completely in love with taking photos of sunsets and sunrises.

Even after middle daughter's old boyfriend said that ANYONE could take a good picture of a sunset, I was not deterred.

And because we spend so much time around water, the photographic combination of sun and water is irresistable.

My mother-in-law loves to cloud-watch, and almost every morning when the sun comes up says, "Lord, you've done it again!"

It really is an amazing pallette, the sky. I know I will never tire of how photogenic it is.

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pretty how town said...

Mamie. That first picture is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Who cares if "anyone can take a beautiful picture of a sunset"-- I think it's one of the basic good things about humanity that we can still be awe-inspired by something that happens every single day.

Enjoy the snow today! Take some pictures!