Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, Day 3 (in pictures)


billie said...

Each of these could be the cover of a novel.. they all evoke stories for me.

Anonymous said...

I want to go where ever the second picture was taken at. The picture exudes relaxation and serenity, which are two things in life that I love and need.

Lead the way, Mamie!



G Liz said...

Where is the lovely little chapel? I especially like this one.

kenju said...

I like the chapel, too!

mamie said...

Well, Billie, just let me know when you need a cover! I'm glad to oblige!

To the rest of you, all the photos were taken at Bald Head Island. The chapel there is always an attraction for me. The view from the "pews" (actually chairs) is the second photo, and it was beautifully decorated for Christmas yesterday.

Bald Head is the epitome of peace and relaxation, especially this time of year. Great place to write, read, create art of all types. Full of wildlife and surprises, and the stars at night? Magnificent!

Glad y'all liked the photo-journalism!

Mojo said...

I was thinking the lighthouse was Ocracoke, but now that I think of it, the light at Ocracoke doesn't have the shrunken head (I don't think... it's been a long time).

Nicely captured wherever it was!

mamie said...

Mojo, the photo is of Old Baldy, the defunct (did it ever serve officially?) lighthouse on Bald Head Island.