Sunday, January 18, 2009

Okay. Seventh year of my Fifties it is

Thanks to all of your dearnesses who buoyed me up this week. I received the best of presents too and celebrated at two dinners with friends. Who could keep up the bad mood with all of that going on?

An interesting thing last night: One of the women there was also celebrating her birthday which is today. We realized that I was born at Wesley Long Hospital in Greensboro mid-afternoon on January 17, 1952. She was born early morning at Wesley Long on January 18, 1952. That means, of course, that we were in the nursery at the same time! Then we realized that we attended Meredith two years together. And now, more than thirty years later have a budding friendship. Both of our mothers are dead, so there's no way to know if they knew each other during the time in the hospital.

I have a large family and everyone checked in, most of them singing Happy Birthday. My brother sent me $20. My friend Trisha gave me one of my daughter's books, there were donations made in my honor to Fellowship Hall and Heiffer Project, and my in-laws gave me gift certificates to my favorite clothing store. I had lunch with one daughter, another called and sent one her prints, and the third called twice to cheer me up. My husband gave me just what I wanted: a flash for my camera.

It helped to try to figure out why I was feeling funky, to read your wonderful posts here, and to celebrate via phone, email and in person with people I love.

Thanks again.


trisha said...

Your birthday was so much fun I made a pome (not a poem).


Join wid me to make dis rhyme
An' wish M.P. a chillin birt-day time

Funk, she say
Power to us, we da relics

Doncha cop--old chicks rule
Ain't nuthin we got from no school

Dis bod of mine, she got the miles
Seen more dan her fair share o' trials
Coupla dents on her fender
Take some kinda dough to mend her

My posse, dey know what's good good good
Right dere under the hood

Funk, she say
More power to us, da relics

(with apologies to all poets out there)

mamie said...

Posted at 7:07, that Pome is da heat. Thanks, Trisha! You got da power (to make me laugh and cry)!

kenju said...

I love that POME!! Glad you got into the spirit after all.

MitMoi said...

Wow! Trisha gets an A+

Glad there was brightness and joy after the funk.