Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Day in Pictures (with a little commentary)

Who says you can't have restaurant quality meals on a boat?

After the monster meal we worked around the boat for a while, then took the ferry into Southport. We went to the cemetery, to the museum, and to a few antique stores. I bought something for my dad which shall remain a surprise until his birthday.

When we got back to Bald Head, there was a pinkish tint to the sky and the almost-full moon was shining against the blue part.

Right before the sun set, as the wind was whipping up and bringing a chill to this much-appreciated warm day, this fishing boat sailed across the river.

And now, we're back at the boat, reading and computering. Nice.


trisha said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us. I'll be right over for breakfast tomorrow! Seriously, next time I see you, I'll bring eggs from the farm down the road.

And Southport, wow. One of my small treasure pleasures. If the good weather holds, we're heading that way next weekend. Your pix have me drooling.

mamie said...

What a great place to spend Valentine's Day, Trisha. I wish we were going to be there but the gospel band is playing at church on Sunday morning (which is a nice Valentine's Day present for me!)