Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Am I?

For those of you who would like to know a little more about me, here is the autobiography I turned in for my writing class. (My teacher knows me, so I have to be creative, okay?)


Description of Bag: Turquoise plastic with expandable zippered section, two handles
Contents: 8 bowls, 8 plates, 8 spoons, one soup ladle, napkins, two plastic garbage bags
Use: To feed members of the church board before board meetings
Associated baggage: Being a board member for three years; need to buy every magazine I see with soups on the cover

Description of Bag: Large canvas bag with red trim
Contents: Small canvas bags, plastic bags, brown paper bags
Use: Grocery shopping, recycling at store
Associated baggage: Guilt surrounding use of plastic bags and their impact on the environment

Description of Bag: Black, triangular shaped, three pockets on sides
Contents of bag: Nikon D80 digital camera, extra disks for storage, electrical cord
Use: Photography
Associated baggage: Tendency to look at the world through a camera lens rather than look at the world

Description of Bag(s): Small canvas bag with Quail Ridge Books logo, green trim
Contents: Books and notebooks containing discussion questions
Use: Leading discussion groups at local book store or church or around my dining room table
Associated baggage: Anxiety over whether questions will generate
interesting discussions

Description of bag: Canvas bag with Meredith College logo on it
Contents: Three ring notebook with class handouts, spiral notebook for assignments and free-writing, pencils and pens, two short story anthologies
Use: Creative writing class
Associated baggage: Fear of facing the blank computer screen with a blank mind

Description of Bag: Whole Foods brown paper bag
Contents: Cereal, milk, Fuji apples, sandwiches, salads, water bottles, assorted reusable mailers, IPod
Use: Transporting items from home to work
Associated baggage: Dreary economic outlook with its implication that I may never be able to retire

Description of Bag: Canvas bag with Quail Ridge Books logo (2)
Contents: Personal bills, checkbook, folder for tax deductible receipts, worthless Krispy Kreme stock certificates given to my children by my father
Use: House accounting
Associated baggage: Memory of water being cut off for non-payment of bill
coupled with insatiable desire for “hot donuts now”

Description of bag: Fabric bag which can be folded and zipped compactly for portability and convenience
Contents: Sweat pants, sweatshirt, tennis shoes, lock and key
Use: Going to the gym after work
Associated baggage: Not going to the gym after work

Description of bag: Leather suitcase with several side pockets
Contents: Lavender sachet, summer clothes, boat shoes, bathing suit
Use: Spending a weekend on the boat
Associated baggage: Having to put on the bathing suit

Description of bag: Red leather with heavy duty metal studs on corners
Contents; Wallet, checkbook, small digital camera, phone, voice recorder, date book, electronic photo album, four pens, three pencils, tissues, makeup, sunglasses, keys (two sets), change, paper clips, rubber bands, credit cards and grocery store cards, mail, bank deposits, notepad, address book, Tums, aspirin, two Band-Aids, pepper spray, compact flashlight, umbrella
Use: Transportation of daily essentials
Associated baggage: Persistent pain in right shoulder


Mojo said...

Description of bag: black padded backpack with hip belt (that misses my hips by a solid 8") and sternum strap.
Contents: Canon 30D DSLR with vertical grip, 5 lenses, Speedlite 540 EX II, spare memory cards, wireless remote, stroboframe and assorted filters. Companion green nylon torpedo bag for tripod.
Associated baggage: Inability to stay away from Adorama Camera.com.

Hey, nothing wrong with looking at the world through the lens. You look at things more closely and in entirely different ways like that.

Trust me.

MitMoi said...

Description of bag: Brown Leather Backpack.

Contents: laptop, coax cable, power brick, digital camera, digital camera cables, instruction book, writing class notebook, writing class folder, jingle bell (I have no idea why), gum, highlighter, pens, dry-erase pen, timer, stamps, compass, book on California Gold Rush, tax folder.

Associated Baggage: It's too heavy, and I haven't done any writing (except homework) ... I just wag it around AS IF I'd do something.

mamie said...

I love the way you two have responded to this post! I guess we all carry it around with us in some form or another.