Friday, February 13, 2009

Not My Job

I hate to be told by someone at a store or utility company or bank, "It's not my job." This statement puts an end to any negotiation with that person regarding our business together, whether it is a complaint or request for additional service or a purchase. It is sorry customer service and if I had an employee that I knew had said that, I would fire him or her.

I am, though, finding new meaning on a personal level for the statement, "It's not my job." It has come to mean that I'm not in charge of the situation, that I'm not answerable for the outcome, that I don't have to assume responsibility where I have none.

Now I say it several times a week (probably should say it several times a day) and it is very freeing. There may be those who are delighted that I'm not sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong, and also those who wish I would continue to be in charge after I've decided to pass the torch.

It's not my job to worry about that.

1 comment:

MitMoi said...

It's good you're letting go ... I wish I could say, "It's not my job to be here (at work) on Friday afternoons."