Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shameless Promotion

I guess I may as well admit to you that every now and then you will have to endure my shameless promotion of things my family is selling. First it was my middle daughter's books, then my youngest daughter's jewelry.

Remember my post a few days ago about watching old videos of my children? And how you just cannot capture it in a photo? My youngest sister did video interviews of her children from the time they could talk until they were eighteen. And she was so happy that she did this that she put together a product to help others do the same. It's called The Birthday Interview and it tells you all you need to know to capture every happy/crying/surly/disgusted/icing-smeared look on your children's faces for years! This is one of the finest baby presents you could give a friend or relative. It especially makes a great gift for a child's first birthday when they already have all the toys they need until they turn six or seven and don't even know it!

Please stimulate the economy (of my family) by visiting these sites. Great stuff. Really!

(Who needs Google ads? Wait...Google gives MONEY for advertising on the site...Hey family? We need to talk....)


G Liz said...

You should absolutley promote your family! :-) There is never any shame in that!

Miss you dear - you're always in my thoughts!

MitMoi said...

Hey - I heard "someone else" in your family is selling cards at QRB! ;) You should promote THEM TOO!

mamie said...

Hey girls - thanks for stopping by - we need some face time, don't you think??

Peggy Payne said...

Middle daughter's books are wonderful. Another friend gave me one for my 60th. It's going to be next year's ledger for my business; much nicer than some cybersystem.

Allie said...

Hey Mamie! I love love love the locket bracelet!! Do you think your daughter could make me a necklace with the same type of locket charm? I would totally love to have a corded necklace with that charm!!! Let me know if she can!!

P.S. - You can check out my new blog home too! Yay!

Tarleton said...

Hey Allie--head on over to, and on the right hand side there is an option to "request custom item." Here's where you can request that that item be made (I have to do everything through Etsy, essentially. If you get confused, you can contact me through the site by clicking on "contact annaqua" under the heading on the right side, "annaqua's info").