Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We do quite a bit of traveling down I-40, and lately the vultures have been out in force. I don't think I'm just noticing them more either - there are more of them around. Maybe it's a seasonal thing.

They must have been getting to my subconscious, though, because last night I dreamed that hundreds of them were circling around my husband and me as we rode in an open boat/vehicle. One swooped in very close--I could see how beautiful it was before it flew away. Then one of them dropped a very large, round white liquid on my leg which was easily pushed away.

Later in the dream, we were riding in said vehicle and a bright red, fuzzy, Sesame Street type bird attached itself to my head and would not let go. My husband finally pulled it away as it loudly complained. It then sat on the outside of the vehicle with its things (I can't remember what it had with it but a radio might have been one of the items.)

I was thinking about this driving to work and a crow took a dive at my windshield so aggressively that I had to put on the brakes to keep from hitting it. As I was recovering from that I looked over and saw two geese floating (not flapping) perfectly in sync toward the Baptist church parking lot.

Something's going on with me and the birds.


Allie said...

Hiya Mamie!

Don't worry,
About a thing,
'Cause every little thing,
Gonna be alright!!


mamie said...

Allie - I love reggae music! We had a steel band at our wedding and it was a blast!

Thanks for the words. Got you on my mind too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mamie,

I have gone through MitMoi's the list of usual characters who support her blog. I do not know if you're aware but her birthday is April 12th. Easter Sunday this year. I am just dropping friends in blog land a note so they can wish her another happy birthday.

Have a great day,
Mitmoi's brother Rick (AKA 2Tall)