Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thematic Photography: Kitchen

Carmi's theme this week over at WrittenInc is Kitchen.

This kitchen is always waterfront. You have to be creative though because you're working with two very unpredictable burners, a toaster oven and a grill. And one outlet. I almost caught the curtains on fire one night, standing out looking at the stars. Boat+fire? Not good! But really, how much brains does it take to know to move the oven AWAY from the window??? We've also had the wind pick the meat up off the grill!

This second photograph shows the hardest part of my kitchen to keep clean: the front and sides of the refrigerator, where I am constantly putting up photographs of people I love and quote magnets. I never get tired of looking at either.

I've been in the kitchen most of the day today. I sent some food to my brother who is taking care of his in-laws while his wife and daughter are with his son-in-law in the hospital, and to my dad who is still trying to pick up some speed after a recent surgery. I also found some good collard greens and tomatoes at the garden store so the kitchen has that collard green smell. Most people don't like it but to me it smells like something good to eat! And so, off to dinner. From my kitchen. Where we're always casual and laid back. Nice.


Allie said...

Ah, sounds like you're having a lovely Saturday evening, Mamie!! I spent a bit of time in my kitchen tonight too, making up a batch of Shepherd's Pie (Alton Brown's version). It was uber yummy, and most definitely a comfort food dish!! I'll be posting the recipe in a while, if you're interested

By the way, I've registered for my very first photography class! The class is being hosted by Diana Boomfield, and it starts next month. I'm really excited to get started!!


mamie said...

Where is the class, Allie? I would love to take a great one. I am basically a point and shoot kind of person with no knowledge whatsoever of the fine points of photography. And I love shepherd's pie - burger and taters - you can't go wrong with those two in any form!

g said...

Good photos. Wonderful kitchen - I'd love to cook in it!

Buster Lewis said...

Your brother is most appreciative of the food. What kind of cheese was that? It was wonderful.

PastorMac's Ann said...

A covered frig = lots of love.

Nice choice for Carmi's Challenge.