Friday, March 6, 2009

Weird Week

On Monday, we woke up to the second snow of the winter, and in the past few years we've been lucky to have one decent snowstorm.

Today, the temperature reached the mid-seventies. I was sitting on my deck tonight, wishing I could smoke a cigarette (will I ever not wish that?) and this is what I heard:

Where else can you wear boots and flip flops in the same week?? That's NC for you.


kenju said...

A hoot owl?

I greatly prefer the weather of yesterday and today, don't you?

Greta said...

The sounds are absolutely beautiful. They take me back to different times and places.

Thank you.

MitMoi said...

Sunny, warm ... spring with minimal mosquitoes (HOW DO THEY FIND ME SO FAST??) ... and I'm on my way into the office this Saturday.

Wasn't I supposed to be on vacation??? *sigh*

Greta said...

Mamie, you inspired me. I've gone outside at least 3 evenings to just listen to the night sounds. Thanks.