Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today I spent the day with the artisans who created this house:

The outside is very ornate and arresting as you ride by on a street of mostly wood constructed houses.

The architect/designer was there furnishing the rooms with so many beautiful window treatments and accessories.

There were special details in each room. In the stairwell this custom made ornamental railing:

In the foyer, this inlaid marble mosaic:

In the bathrooms, intricate tilework and custom fixtures:

The wall finishes were works of art in themselves.

My husband is the contractor who oversaw the construction of this house. The architect and others spent time telling me how every detail had to be exactly right. That even the framing and plumbing and wiring were neat and flawless. He deserves every compliment. It is perfection.


kenju said...

It sure looks gorgeous. Am I wrong to assume it isn't a spec house?

mamie said...

Fortunately, Kenju, we don't do speculative building. It's fortunate right now, anyway, when many builders are sitting on multiple spec houses. You can see some of our other houses at our web site!

G Liz said...

That, my dear Mamie, is a far cry from my SW dreams! :-)

Absolutley breathtaking!!!!

Allie said...



MitMoi said...


ps: I'm sure they need an occasion cook. Don't they?

Tell Durham, "Job well done."

ps: I want a sneak peak in the brick one ... up the road and one block over from me.

mamie said...

You know, Mit, the kitchen was nice, but we've done nicer. Plus everyone was (naturally) hanging out there and I didn't want PEOPLE in my HOUSE photos! I'll see if I can get you a tour of the brick house - or you can walk up during the day and tell 'em I sent you.

Buster Lewis said...

That em a residential deluxe!