Monday, September 29, 2008


Does anyone else feel like turning off the television and cancelling the subscription to the newspaper? Leaving the computer off for a day or two? Not answering the phone or going to the bank? I'm even ready to hit the off button on my husband, who watches CNN from 6PM until after midnight, then turns it on when he gets up in the morning.

Does anyone else seethe when they see a Suburban with one person driving? With a George Bush sticker on it? With an "Another Family for John McCain" sticker on the other side of the bumper? Talking on his/her cell phone LAUGHING?? Don't they get it?

Does anyone else feel hoodwinked? Helpless? (Call my senator, they say. Which one - Elizabeth or Richard? I ask laughing maniacally.) Does anyone else think that we may as well go ahead and take the $700 billion and put it in the pockets of executive crooks, forgoing the hypocrisy?

Does anyone else find it depressing that what was once the greatest country in the world has not only made a mess of things for itself but for others who looked up to us?

Hello? Time Warner? Can you cancel everything but the Disney Channel?

Hello? News and Observer? Go ahead and fire all the local writers and editors. They didn't get much play anyway. And I'd like to cancel everything but the Sunday...comics.

There. I feel better already.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...I know what you mean, Mamie.

I'd suggest keeping Nick @ Nite and Lifetime too.


Heidi said...

I think the world would be a little better off being a tad bit less connected sometimes.

I would keep the comics, too.

G Liz said...

I've had one of those Mondays as well...although mine has just been one of those days where absolutely nothing seemed to go right...all wrong! I think it's the paint fumes from my recent car work! :-)

At least tomorrow is another day...with no mistakes (YET!)

Smile. Love ya!

Peggy Payne said...

I've gone the other way, Mamie. I've now added all the political satire shows to my daily necessities. Jon Stewart is keeping my spirits light. The Katie Couric interviews added a note of hilarity as well.