Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday: So close to Monday :(

Did you miss me this weekend? It was a full one without a minute to spare, and here it is Sunday night already.

When we first moved to Raleigh, we lived in a rental house up the street from where we live now. We moved our refrigerator down the hill on a hand truck! It's hard for me to think that it was twenty three years ago that we lived there. Yesterday I was coming back from my office and glanced over into the yard of the old house. It looked like there was a circle of red flags in the yard. The house is for rent, so I figured there was a big hole there or something.

Later, downstairs in my meditation room, I looked out the window and saw this:

and I realized that what I saw in the yard of the old house was a circle of those flowers. I have no idea where the ones in our backyard came from, but I like to think they came down the hill just like we did twenty-three years ago.

This year my husband planted a flower in our front yard that has flourished and makes me happy each time I leave or come home:

On the opposite side of the brick wall is the yellow variety of the same flower (and it happened to have a visitor for the photo shoot):

Lastly, the house orchids are happy.

Yep, I was busy, but there was time for the flowers. Beautiful.

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me said...

Your flowers are beautiful, I am glad some of them followed you. We have Hosta that has been passed down generation to generation (some folks pass heirlooms, we pass plants)