Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thematic Photography: Nature

I have only been taking pictures for a hobby for a few years. One of my daughters and I went to San Diego, and I almost drove her crazy taking photo after photo of the view from the balcony of our hotel. But on that trip, I discovered that I love seeing the world through a camera lens.

Because we do alot of traveling by water around the North Carolina coast, I have seen some incredible nature through that lens. One of my favorite places to go is Bald Head Island. The island is developed, but a huge portion of it is a nature preserve. I have seen deer, foxes, all kinds of marine birds, snakes, crabs, fish, dolphin, turtles, alligators, and lots and lots of beautiful water and wood.

So naturally (no pun intended, really!) Carmi's Nature Theme had me trying to narrow down what to post tonight. I promise this is my only one, although I could post from now until forever and never run out of nature photographs from my files.

So here are some favorites. I'm looking forward to seeing yours.


Anonymous said...

Mamie! The first one, with the beautiful bright blue color reflecting on the surface of the water is AWESOME!!! I dig it!!


pretty how town said...

Mamie, these are gorgeous. I love the first one, too, but they're all wonderful!

ciara said...

mamie-beautiful photos..i love the one w the bit of water and the slight reflections in it. very cool. :)

thx for stopping by and commenting on my photos.

mamie said...

Goddess, Until last year I used a film camera and the thing I loved about it was that you never really knew what was going to show up when you developed the roll. The first photo was taken in San Francisco and I have no idea what made the blueness. But I have always loved that picture too.

Pretty, you've made a great start on the theme too. Something new for me to anticipate on your blog!

Ciara, Looking forward to more visits!

Gord H. said...


how I love that last photo.

we're approaching the time of year when birds migrate along the lake shore about 30 miles south of my house.

i'd better find a perch and take a few pictures. well done.


gord h.

Beverly said...

Hi, Mamie, nice to meet you through your blog. Great photos. I love North Carolina, but I've never been to the coast. I follow the blog of someone from the Outer Banks, but it is more about his wife's illness, rather than the OBX.

Nature is a great theme for Carmi's blog this week!

Linda said...

You have a great eye for this week's Thematic theme!

Capturing Today said...

Lovely - they'd make ideal postcards!

Malinda777 said...

I posted too...Loved the one with the rocks and the blue water :)

me said...

Your photos of the sky kick. I love the one with the sun peeking/struggling

janie said...

The first and the last are my favourites, maybe it's the autumnal feel of both , the fallen leaves and the birds flying south for the winter,

mamie said...

Just a comment, me (that sounds really strange, to be addressing me) about the photo you found interesting. That is actually not the sun peeking/struggling but a prism effect made by the sun.

Since many of you are photographers also and there was the suggestion of making the photos into a postcard, I will mention that I do use Strathmore Photo Frame cards for my photos. My local bookstore and our church bookstore sell them, they make great gifts, and I love to send them myself.

Thanks to all of you for visiting this week.

me said...

thank you for "enlightening" me