Friday, September 5, 2008

Taking care

During my dad's six-day stay in the hospital and for almost two weeks afterwards, we stayed with him practically day and night. Once he got home from the hospital, people began coming over to see him and some brought food. We are so grateful for all the many kindnesses that were done for him, but today he is alone for the first time since he went to the hospital, and it seems that now would be a great time to visit and bring food.

My dad is very independent and can take care of himself. But I know he gets lonely living in that house that was once full of kids and a wife and later grandchildren and in-laws. And suddenly after having lots of care and companionship he is back to the quiet, not feeling quite up to par.

I've expressed this same sentiment about families who have lost a loved one. In the days leading up to and right after the funeral, there is food and family and friends galore. Then WHAM! Nothing. Or maybe a card or call every few days for a while and then nothing.

I think we need to be aware that after things have quieted down, whether a person has been ill or suffered loss, he or she needs us more than ever. Sorrow is a lonesome emotion and having others around takes some of the edge off. And if you've been ill, there's nothing like a chicken pot pie or a visit from a friend to hurry you on the path to feeling good again.

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