Monday, September 1, 2008


While trying to do a week's worth of homework in a day, my mind kept wandering to things inside and outside that would look good through the camera lens. The room where I write and meditate and make my cards is full of beautiful images. Here are a few that caught my eye today:

And as promised, the video of my dad. My niece is asking the questions.


trisha said...

In the video, your dad seems so strong. He's an inspiration. Way to go, Dad! No doubt, some of his strength and will to live comes from love for his family and love he gets back from y'all.

With 30+ years hospital nursing, Mama says a hospital is the worst place to be if you need rest.

The Purple Panda said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!
And thanks for sharing the video of your dad.

G Liz said...

I love your daddy!!!!

mamie said...

Thanks, girly girls!