Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Politics {sigh}

Last night I sat around the dinner table with my Thursday night girls (moved to Monday night for now) and felt so happy to be with like-minded people. A whole table of women who agree that this election is crucial. And agree in the WAY that it is crucial.

So, buoyed by our agreement I came to work feeling happy and optimistic. Then I took a phone call from a grading contractor. He asked how our business is doing. Doing okay, I said. We're hanging in there. Yep, he said, this election is pretty important. Um hmm, I said. I guess we're on the same page, he said. Yeah, I said. Obama scares the hell out of me, he said, but I like that Sarah Palin. A bulldog in lipstick, he said.

Oh my god. He thinks I'm a Republican! I was speechless. I sat there in silence long enough for him to feel uncomfortable. And then gave him my husband's cell phone number so he could call him.

A freaking bulldog with lipstick??? It is indeed looking like what my husband says is true: Sarah Palin appeals to ignorant people. There, I said it. And I'm not one bit ashamed.


Anonymous said...

OMG..."A bulldog with lipstick"...what a freaking tool!

You know what irritates me more than anything? The monotonous mudslinging political commercials on television. It's one right after the other after the other after the other. I cannot stand it! The madness never seems to end!!

G Liz said...

I find myself full of passion as well when it comes to politics...yet I often have to remind myself that we all come from different walks of life...and these different walks of life give us a perspective that often differs from perhaps even our closest friends.

Just a thought?


I'm like 'the goddess'...I'm just eager for the elections to end!

kenju said...

She's a bulldog with lipstick who scares the crap out of me. The only people I know who like her are ignorant clods.