Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blog visitors

I admit that I like having lots of visitors to my blog. Thanks for stopping by and occasionally leaving a comment.

One of the blogs I visit is called Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. This woman has between 200 and 500 comments a day. Most of them are one sentence long. "Great post" or "Cowboys don't like pink?" Nothing of substance. My question is this: Why in the hell would you waste one minute of your precious day making that kind of comment when you are one of many hundreds of people saying the same thing? Do they actually think she reads all of them? Oh my god - what if she DOES read them all? Doesn't she have kiddie cowboy boots to buy, corn to shuck, butterbeans to freeze?

Me? I prefer looking at the pictures of her husband. She calls him Marlboro Man, and he's easy on the eyes. Now that's spending your precious time wisely.


MitMoi said...

You know, there are a few places where I go where I feel the same way. How much validation does one person need?

Also? I am home! Beware of walkers in the 'hood. :)

mamie said...

Glad you're back, Miss Mit! Stop by any old time. If I'm not there, there's always a bottle of Scotch and my Marlboro Man to drink it with!