Monday, September 22, 2008


I am about halfway through Wally Lamb's new book, The Hour I First Believed, and it is a winner. Full review coming in a few days (the book is 700 pages long).

I see that Oprah has chosen David Wroblewski's book The Story of Edgar Sawtelle for her book club. With all the influence she has, with all the fame and fortune that comes with being an Oprah Book Club choice, why has she chosen a book that is already a bestseller? Why can't she choose books from the smaller publishers, lesser known (or unknown) authors?

It is a great book, but she could have chosen so much more wisely. She has the power to effect change in the publishing industry, and I wish she would think about what that means to us as readers and writers.

Oh well, order your copy from Quail Ridge Books or an independent bookstore in your town. At least make a difference when you buy her picks.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it a shame that she seems to endorse what is already mainstream and uber popular among the masses? There is so much talent out there that is not being recognized, because people choose to play follow the leader, instead of finding their own path, and learning about different things that they enjoy and make THEMSELVES happy. Me, I always root for and support the underdog. Support the independent/local businesses and establishments!! There is beauty in them thar hills!!


mamie said...

Goddess, you echo my feelings. Maybe we should do a letter campaign to Oprah. It could take our mind off our worries about the election, hmmm?

billie said...

I have had the Edgar Sawtelle book on my list since I first saw it, and will add Wally Lamb's new one.

My reading has slowed down this month, but I imagine it will pick back up again soon!

mamie said...

Lamb's book may be a "long winter's night" read, Billie!

The Purple Panda said...

I agree w/ you 100%, mamie, regarding Oprah's picks, and have often been frustrated by that as well. I don't wanna spill the beans or jinx anything, but let's just say a friend and I are in the brainstorming phase of a response to Oprah's book club. Stay tuned!