Saturday, September 6, 2008

Long Lists

I had pretty much cleared my calendar of obligations during the summer, but come late August, early September things start getting wild again. I have said yes to a few things I should have said no to (although I've said no to a few things I should have said no to, also). And I've committed to do a couple of things that involve calling people and asking them to participate in an activity. This is something I absolutely hate to do.

Every single day I read about something I would like to get involved in. Causes that I feel passionate about. Causes that I could make a difference by advocating. I know that one person can make a difference. Time, though, is the limiting factor.

With only so much time, I need to take a step back from my commitments and decide which are ones that only I can do. Which are ones that I can do best. Which are ones that call the loudest to me. I have to limit myself or I'll only be doing lots of things half-assed and nothing well.

Some people have high on their list of things to do outside of work to relax. I don't work this into my schedule very often, and should. Resting feels unproductive, but I know that when I make cards, or read, or nap I do a better job on the lists of obligations.

How do you allocate your time? How do you decide what causes need you the most and which ones you need the most?

I read this quote the other day: "You can't do everything at once, but you can do something at once." Guess I'll get back to it.

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Gina Eaves said...

My dearest Mamie, I just read your latest entry. For such a passionate person as yourself, I can understand the number of activities you would love to take part in...just as I scramble at making choices at what I would like to participate in...and what I must say no to.

I do worry about you, however, because of the many different directions your life is pulling you right now. I admire how much you have stepped up to the plate with your daddy...the most important cause to suppport! :-) He is so blessed to have such an amazing daughter in his life!

Don't stretch yourself too thin. And can be a good thing...a rejuvinating thing that you most certainly need in your life.

I love you!